The Legend of Elves and Elf Costume

A Christmas Elf is often described as a dwarfish little creature with pointy ears, long nose and pointy hat that lives with Santa Nicholas up in the North Pole. It is believed that come every Christmas, the Elves help Santa in making lots of wonderful toys in Santa’s personal factory for kids all over the world and they help take care of the adorable rein deers by feeding them and cleaning their shelters. They even sort through mails that children sent to Santa and ensure that the children are all asleep before Santa delivers the presents.

A Christmas Elf is also known by other names: Santa’s Little Helpers or Santa’s Elves or Christmas Elfs or Elves. In the 17th to 18th century, Elves appears in stories before St. Nicholas becomes Santa Claus, hence this makes Elves much older than Father Christmas himself. In fact, Santa Claus was dressed in green fur-lined robe before the commonly known red overall like what we see today.

In Scandinavia, it was believed that a Jolly old Elf called Jultomten was the one who delivered gifts in a sleigh drawn by goats. In Germany, in contrast, these dwarfish supernatural beings were mischievous and dangerous characters. They kidnapped young children and swapped them for changelings. Also, they infiltrated into people dreams and gave them nightmares to the extent of inflicting them with diseases. They used elf-bolts to strike down human beings and livestock. They also elf-locked women’s hair into tangling mess that was considered unlucky to undo.

Having described much about the good and bad about Elves, do you still want to be one? Elf costumes are extremely popular in the upcoming holiday seasons: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. While there is no way to fly to the North pole and be with Santa to help him out with the chores, nothing can stop the helpful nature of the Elf by dressing up in the Elf costume and sharing the Christmas joy all around.

There are plenty of sources for Elf costumes:

1. Online shops. The pro is that you get to see all available themes “under one roof” or “window” at your own convenience. The con is that you won’t get to try on the outfit until it get shipped or delivered to your place. So make sure that the online shop offers good returns policy or online customer services.

2. Departmental stores or Home TV shopping channels during Christmas season. The pro is you will get direct customer service. The cons are that you join a huge crowd of buyers during the peak buying season and you will have to place you orders early to avoid disappointment.

3. Local costume stores. This can either be convenience store or customized item shops that spring out during Christmas season. Do note, however, the selection of sizes may be limited as they do not carry many stocks of various sizes.

4. Bidding stores both online and offline. Ebay and other bidding sites are commonly frequented sites. Be careful on the bidding strategy so as not to pay over what is the fair market price.

5. Personal wardrobe. Surprise yourself by using a little of you creativity and run through your own closet for the closest match attire. Look for green outfit and decorate it with matching tights. This is the best and cheapest way to have an Elf costume.

Choose green for the Elf costume as it is the official color. Motives like turkey and four leave clover work best for Thanksgiving. Wear stuffs like bags and shoes with these motives. Elves shoes and wide belts are definitely a must to improve the costume appearance. Most importantly, the outfit must be comfortable to wear, especially around the waist area. Therefore, the design and shape of the costume fit the body shape of the wearer as well as giving him or her room to breath.

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